Meet Stephanie


Stephanie is a published cake artist with more than ten years in the industry. Her attention to detail sets her apart from most; as she believes that a cake should not only look amazing, but should also taste amazing. Stephanie goes over and beyond to capture her clients' desires by way of cake. Her cakes are a work of art, as each design is custom to the client. Her work has been published by several notable blogs and publications, such as Munaluchi Bridal, Aisle Perfect, Essence Bridal Bliss, Southern Noir Weddings, and More Than Lovely Bridal to name a few.

Stephanie is a Food Network Competitor, who, in her spare time, enjoys spending time with her supportive husband, Milton, and their beautiful children. She is dedicated to continually enhancing her gifts and talents, as well as mentoring others. In addition to creating amazing confections and dessert buffet displays, Stephanie's passion for cake artistry has led her to teach cake classes at a local college for more than half a decade, as well as providing private cake courses to others within the industry.